Resize VMWare Disk

I was looking for a simple slider to resize a disk in VMWare server recently and its not that simple if you want to resize a disk.
The solution is detailed in more detail here, but essentially you need run the following command on the host of the VMware machine:

vmware-vdiskmanager -x 30GB D:\VirtualMachines\virtualMachine1\virtualMachine1.vmdk

The above command essentially will resize the disk for virtualMachine1 to 30GB.

vmware-vdiskmanager is located in the installation directory as detailed here, but the following table gives common locations under 32 bit windows:

Workstation \Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation
Player / ACE Instance \Program Files\VMware\VMware Player
VMware Server \Program Files\VMware\VMware Server
GSX \Program Files\VMware\VMware GSX Server
Converter \Program Files\VMware\VMware Converter
Capacity Planner \Program Files\VMware\VMware Capacity Planner
Lab Manager \Program Files\VMware\VMware Lab Manager Server
Stage Manager \Program Files\VMware\VMware Stage Manager Server
Virtual Desktop Manager \Program Files\VMware\VMware VDM\Server
Consolidated Backup \Program Files\VMware\VMware Consolidated Backup Framework
VirtualCenter 2.5.x \Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server
VirtualCenter 2.0.x \Program Files\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter 2.0
Virtual Infrastructure Client 2.5.x \Program Files\VMware\VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client 2.0
Virtual Infrastructure Client 2.0.x \Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client
Server Console (VMware Server) \Program Files\VMware\VMware Server Console
Remote Console (GSX) \Program Files\VMware\VMware Remote Console

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