PageRank no longer important?

I keep hearing people saying that Google’s Page Rank is no longer important and X or Y is much more important. I still believe that Page Rank is one of the most important factors in a site ranking well in the Google results.

Firstly, Google still include a page rank on the Google navigation tool bar – ok this is not updated immediately but I would assume this is based on infrastructure and speed issues.

Secondly Google went to all the trouble to patent the page rank rating algorithm through Stanford University and I would doubt they are going to just leave this behind. The page rank has been the foundation of Google success and although it is undoubtedly tweaked and used along side other algorithms it is still in my opinion the basis of the initial search engine rankings.

Thirdly, when you hear Google employee Matt Cutts discussing page rank in such detail you know it is still fundamental to how Google works – . As Matt discusses in this article pagerank in the toolbar is usually late to reflect how your site is ranking. This however is just the navigation tool bar representation of this. Really behind the scenes page rank is changing all the time as the index is added to, pages removed and back links calculated.

So there you have it -PAGERANK is still alive and soldiering on. Whilst Mr Cutts still talks about pagerank we know it is still one of the main factors in Google search engine ranking.

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  1. I agree to that. Page rank is still important. Though of course, we can all earn without having good pagerank, Right? As they say, as long as we have our own list, then we could possible earn. On a bigger bigger, we can earn more if we will have a much higher page rank. More traffic to generate, then probably more income to generate.

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