SEO Part 13 – ‘Linkbait’ Content

In the ‘Incoming Links’ section before it is described how incoming links to the site can great improve Page Rank and therefore pages ranking higher in the search engines. The section describes how to aim for links to your site and try to aim for keywords in link text. One of the best ways to attract incoming links is to publicise content that is commonly referred to as ‘link bait’. This content has two principle aims:

1. Informative content for the site visitor
2. Attract external sources to reference or link to it

With this in mind it can pay to encourage articles to be created and published on your site by even external sources. If you run a site on organic fertilisers then write some articles about the field and link to this from your front page. Over time similar themed sites will start to link to it if it contains relevant and useful information. Encourage your business partners to link to it.

Blog sites such as are an excellent way to provide new fresh content which will ultimately attract external links – you could therefore look at adding a Blog on your site even if it’s to discuss your latest product releases.

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