SEO Part 3 – Browser Titles

The web browser title is the main identifier of the content on that page or website (if on a homepage). It is therefore important to get keywords or key phrases on the title and ensure that they are unique to that page. The more text used on the title the more diluted the description for that page becomes and therefore harder match against search term keywords.

For underlying pages on your site it is beneficial to create individual page titles relating to something specific about that page. Try to avoid having the same generic company branded title across all pages. For example a title of:

My site on web site search engine ranking improvement ideas and practices

Could be changed to any of the following:
search engine improvement
search engine improvement practices
search engine ranking ideas

Try to target the title of the page to what you and other people will search for, but proper English.

If required you can have corporate ID on the titles of pages so with Search Engine Optimisation Solutions we could have “SEOS“:

Search engine improvement – SEOS

But this would always be better at the end as the first few words are treated with more importance from a search engine point of view.

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